Welcome to Bipolar-Blog

Thank you for visiting. What follows is a collection of essays based on my experiences as a person with bipolar disorder. Most people know the dramatic ways bipolar can debilitate those who suffer from it, but it can also eat at a person from the inside, taking away the will to fight for even the smallest bits of happiness. I believe from my very core, however, bipolar can also be a gateway to profound understandings of yourself.

Each post deals with some aspects of the illness that I have personally gone through; nothing you read will be culled from second-hand knowledge. It is not my intention to give anyone direction, or to offer solutions. The only goal is to be as honest as possible.

I believe it is vital for those of us who have this, and their loved ones, to know that there are others out there struggling with the same issues. Bipolar is something that will never go away, but you do not have to battle it alone. It took a very long time but once I gave in to that idea, I discovered that there was a lot more hope for a fulfilling and happy life than I ever thought possible.

New posts every Wednesday at 8pm EST.